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Patient Stories

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Radiofrequency Thermal Neurotomy

  • Hunting was Don’s passion.  When an industrial accident left him with neck and back injuries, Don lost not only his favorite pastime; he lost the ability to live without searing, intense pain.  With over twelve years of experience working with heavy equipment, Don suddenly succumbed to unrelenting pain in his right hip and down his leg. “I could barely walk.”  The neck injury generated its own bedlam.  “The constant pain in my right shoulder traveled down my arm and left my right hand numb.”  He had suffered an injury that left him with crushed vertebrae and pinched nerves.  Everything changed and Don was on a long road to finding relief.


    As a proud U.S. Army retiree, he is hardly the type to complain.  Don is modest and dedicated to doing the job he’s asked to do.  But the accident placed him on “light duty” at work and still the agonizing pain persisted.  “I saw my family doctor, a sports medicine specialist and did physical therapy with no results.  Then I was referred to Dr. Gupta at the Advance Pain Treatment Center.”  The relief he was looking for, came in many ways.


    “You don’t know how wonderful Dr.Gupta and his staff are until you have to undergo a procedure,” Don explains.  “It’s just simply scary.  They helped me to relax and I felt very confident from the first appointment.  Dr. Gupta determined through a thorough examination what treatment I needed and took the time to explain how it would solve my problem.  I had been to another pain management specialist and nothing compared to the results I’ve experienced in Dr.Gupta’s care.”  Don’s treatment included Radiofrequency Thermal Neurotomy, an advanced procedure that involves creating discreet, thermal lesions in neural pathways in order to interrupt transmission of the pain.  “I had five procedures with no difficulty, two for my back and three for my neck. Dr. Gupta has given me a good, quality life again and the care and compassion I received is more than I can explain.  They were all fantastic.”


    Through his many visits to the Advance Pain Treatment Center, Don developed a great appreciation for how responsive Dr. Gupta and his staff are.  Don was scheduled for a procedure to relieve his neck pain but on that particular day, his back was causing him greater distress. “I was there for my neck procedure and Dr. Gupta examined me and decided right then that he would treat the back pain instead of my neck.  Not many doctors would do that.”  Don explains, “He knew exactly how to help me and didn’t hesitate. The procedure went smoothly and I felt better immediately.  I have complete confidence because Dr. Gupta responded quickly to what I needed.  He really listens.”


    Don has several U.S. Army Retired hats that he likes to sport.  He left one of his favorites behind in Dr. Gupta’s office after an appointment.  The next day it was at his front door, delivered personally by one of Dr. Gupta’s staff.  “They are nothing short of wonderful” Don says.  The next day, he returned the favor.  A special bouquet awaited the front office staff that morning from a grateful patient.

    Patient Quotes

    I had five procedures with no difficulty, two for my back and three for my neck. Dr. Gupta has given me a good quality life again and the care and compassion I received is more than I can explain. They were all fantastic.
    Don's Story
    I have a life now. What pain I have is bearable and I don't know what I would have done without Dr. Gupta's help. He went beyond his duty to get to the bottom of my problem.
    Alice's Story
    I wanted a clear diagnosis with a focused treatment plan. Dr. Gupta is the best diagnostician in pain management I know. He had already shown that to me by the way he had treated the patients I referred to him.
    Tim's Story
    I had the discolysis procedure in July of 2009 and since then, I have resumed my full activity level. At my last follow up appointment, Dr. Gupta was amazed at my range of motion. I am pain free and I am hiking, boating, and exercising again.
    Dolores's Story

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