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  • Evidence Based Treatment: Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of any intractable painful condition using latest state of the art technology.  Before a treatment is suggested, an in depth evaluation of the patient is performed by the physician. All new patients are always evaluated by a physician. A formal treatment plan is made and discussed in details with the patient.  Depending on the clinical problems, if necessary, interventional options are offered. Interventional options are either diagnostic or therapeutic or both. Some of the interventions are diagnostic and at the same time therapeutic (helps to make diagnosis and at the same time it is treatment for the painful condition). The details of interventional options are discussed with the patient in depth. Informed consent is obtained. All available treatment options are discussed with the patient. A decision of a treatment options is considered only after the patient understands the options to his or her satisfaction. Only scientifically proven treatment algorithms are followed in the process of establishing a diagnosis. We at this center follow International Spine Intervention Society's guidelines (ISIS). If an interventional procedure is performed then adequate pre-procedure information or post procedure information are given to the patient. All procedures are performed under strict cardiopulmonary monitoring as per the guideline of American Society of Anesthesiology recommendations.   http://www.aptcmd.com/treatment.html.
  • RESEARCH : Keeping in line with our mission statement, we have established a pain research unit 'OTRIMED CLINICAL RESEARCH' a subsidiary of Advanced Pain Treatment Center. This is the only pain practice that offers such service for benefiting patients with pain. Our center is dedicated to provide latest treatment options to our community population. Research is an integral part of Advanced Pain Treatment Center's activity. We have a dedicated clinical trial research facility adjoining our center. Through our research initiative, we will provide the latest treatment options to our valued patient population absolutely free of cost. The research center will allow us to access the latest innovations in the field of Pain Medicine ahead of time. To learn our abilities, please visit www.otrimed.com . Our goal is simple, we will bring innovations (new medicine or new medical device) from the laboratory bench to the bed-side as soon as possible, for reducing patients disabling pain and improving quality of life.
  • Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) : The goal is to provide impairment rating based on " Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment " 6th edition, AMA. This goal is achieved by identifying severity of an illness or injury considering four basic considerations such as Diagnosis, resulting functional disability, physical findings and clinical studies. Our goal is to document functional limitations resulting from the disease or injury. Please call 859-331-4159 or 513-492-9317 for an appointment.
  • Second Opinion prior to any intervention for painful spine conditions. There are more than one option for many of painful conditions. It is very important to make an informed decision prior to any major interventions. Our goal is to help understand alternative options and also to suggest appropriate treatment based on latest medical literature.
  • Subooxone Treatment: This treatment is offered to opioid dependent patients. In the course of treatment with opioid, some patients become physically dependent on opioid and are unable to wean off of opioid.  Suboxone treatment is a maintenance treatment and is offered to opioid dependent patient. The dose that is given for maintenance is not for analgesia or pain relief. Before suboxone treatment is instituted, a full detailed physical examination is performed. If necessary, patient is referred to a psychologists for detailed evaluation. Induction of Suboxone treatment is done only when a patient is in withdrawal state (symptoms of withdrawal are nervousness, anxiety, shaking, goose bumps in the skin, abdominal cramps, diarrhea with or without vomiting etc.). Patient is given Suboxone under supervision and if necessary with appropriate monitoring and is observed in the recovery area. The dose is titrated up until patient's withdrawal symptoms are somewhat under control. Patient need to sign an opioid contract. Patients normally undergo urine screen randomly and on regularly basis as well. The goal of this therapy is to give a patient 

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